"I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed being a part of your CSA. The vegetables and herbs have been very fresh, beautiful, and tasty. And I love the weekly variety we’ve received. This is the first CSA I’ve ever committed to and you’ve made me a believer. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!"

"I wanted to tell you how much we love it. Your veggies really are the bomb. Thanks so much for doing what you do!"

"I am really enjoying all the fresh produce and recipes!!

I have a garden at home but having all your produce has made it so easy to 

eat garden fresh for every meal and get a great assortment!!"

What is CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Farmers earn important early-season capital and have a guaranteed market for their produce. Consumers enjoy overall lower food costs, field-fresh produce, and greater access to high-demand fruits and vegetables.

Although many non-farming food companies have hijacked the concept of CSA in recent years, at its core, the CSA model was created to allow the community to share the inherit risk of farming while enjoying the bounty of a full season’s harvest. By receiving member fees before the season, the farmer is able to purchase farm inputs like seeds, fertilizer, and supplies before the crop is ready to be harvested.  We recommend reading this article published in The New York Times that explains how real community supported agriculture is under threat by big food bundlers. 


Why Join?

  • It’s a good investment! Members receive more value than what they pay for.

  • It’s healthy! Cooking with your weekly share of produce is a great way to get your weekly dose of vitamins, micronutrients, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. We intentionally choose varieties of vegetables that are not just beautiful but extra nutritious, as opposed to many supermarket varieties that just sell water-dense, less-tasty varieties. 

  • It’s fun and educational! Members receive more than 50 types of vegetables and over 100 varieties over the course of the season. There are always recipes included in case you are unsure of how to prepare a certain vegetable.

  • The produce is fresher and tastier! All CSA boxes are harvested, washed, packed, and delivered within a 24-hour window, which ensures the vegetables are as fresh as possible.

  • Members are supporting a local and ethical food system! This includes the farmer, seed companies and other businesses the farm relies on.

  • Cuts down on food waste! Receiving upfront dues allows the farmer to grow an appropriate amount of food. In other models, farmers are often left to estimate how much food to produce, which can result in a lot of food waste. CSA is a real farm-to-member relationship with no middleman.

  • Joining a local CSA cuts down on one’s carbon footprint. No more lettuces flying from California, no more tomatoes from Mexico, it is all grown here in the Hudson Valley black dirt!

How does it work?

Every Tuesday of the season, CSA members will pick up a box of vegetables at their designated pick up site. Each box will always contain at least the weekly value of what the member paid, but often times much more during the peak of the season!  Members will be given a custom made tote bag on their first pickup. They will be encouraged to use it weekly to transfer their produce so that the boxes can be reused. Just sign your name on the sign in sheet at the pick up site to verify that you received your share for the week.


Whats in the box?.

what a box of produce may look like throughout the season...


3/4 lb. Arugula, 1 head of boston lettuce, 1 bunch Radish, 1 bunch of scallions, 1 bunch of Toscano Kale, 1 bunch of Beets, 1 bunch of Carrots, 1 head of Napa Cabbage, and 1 head of Radicchio 


2 lb Tomato, 1 watermelon, 2 large Eggplant, 2 lb of fingerling potatoes, 1 lb french green beans, 1 pint of shishito frying peppers, 1 head of lettuce


1 head of Cauliflower, 1 head of Broccoli, 1 lb of baby Salad Mix, 1 bunch of Salad Turnips, 1 Butternut Squash, 1 bunch of carrots, 1 bunch of spinach, 1 bunch of parsley, 1 head of lettuce

New for 2021 Season

For the 2021 season we will continue to do a farmer's choice CSA box, however we will be adding an online store that is open for CSA members ONLY. The store will include additional produce available for purchase as well as add ons like mushrooms, eggs and shelf stable products grown by our friends. These items will be delivered in addition to your box each week and therefore will be supplementary to your vegetable CSA. We would like to continue the slow food movement into all areas of our food system and will continue to bring you the best that the Hudson Valley has to offer!

2022 CSA Sign Up

25 Weeks- June-November- $28 per week

12 Weeks- June-August- $28.50 per week

13 Weeks August-November- $28.50 per week

(optional) 25 week mushroom share- additional $9 per week

Current drop off locations available

  • Cold Spring, NY (Tuesday)

  • Chappaqua, NY (Tuesday)

  • Florida, NY (Tuesday)

  • Highland, NY (Friday)

  • Upper Saddle River, NJ (Tuesday)

  • Ridgewood, NJ (Tuesday)

  • Glen Rock, NJ (Tuesday)

  • Westwood, NJ (Tuesday)

2022 CSA Registration Form

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.